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Early Break is the chosen young person’s drug and alcohol charity for Bury, Rochdale and East Lancashire. It provides young people and their families, whose lives are affected by drugs and alcohol, with free counseling advice and treatment.

We were approached by the charity to roll out a national campaign aimed at helping combat the rising issues associated with drug and alcohol abuse among young people in the UK.

Our objective was to create an engaging campaign, brand and informative microsite that raises awareness of the issues and associated risks of drug and alcohol abuse among young people. We:

  • Held focus groups with young people – to gauge their reactions on design styles, messaging techniques and imagery to ensure the campaign resonated with the target audience
  • Launched a campaign called ‘Don’t be a Zombie’ – that provides information and warnings about drug and alcohol use and demonstrates the effects these substances can have on the body
  • Joined forces with an influential illustrator and graffiti artist – we worked with Sam Vizor to ensure our campaign was visually stimulating and thought provoking. Sam worked extensively with us to illustrate zombies and show the effects of drugs and alcohol on their bodies by using a highly visual design style and juxtaposition fluorescent colouring. We then used our specialist design and development skills to animate the zombies and their interiors to better highlight the effects of abuse on the body
  • Created a microsite that resonates with the target audience – the site is mobile friendly, making it easier for younger people to access. And despite being relatively new, it has already attracted widespread positive feedback from schools and other youth groups, who are also interested in helping spread the campaign word
  • Produced a suite of supporting materials – from posters and fact sheets to interactive collateral, such as video animations, we are in the process of producing a bank of supporting literature

We’re continuing to work with Early Break to develop and deliver further campaign initiatives and continue to raise awareness of the charity on a nation-wide scale.

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