We Vape is there for smokers who are looking to quit, for the family and friends of vapers and those that have a stake in improving the health of smokers in the UK.

By raising the voice of the country’s 3.6 million vapers, they help to further reduce smoking and to let politicians, the media and the public health community know that vaping saves lives.

There are still 7 million smokers in the UK. We Vape won’t stop campaigning until all of them have heard about how vaping can transform their lives or until those in power stop threatening to restrict our right to choose a better, safer alternative to smoking.

The brief

They needed a website that would reach their intended audience and to encourage people to start vaping in a way to stop smoking. They also required some branding work as they needed help on their logo and wanted their brand to be instantly recognisable. This involved us creating highly shareable content that could be shared on social media.

We Vape also wanted a page where their audience could write a letter to their local MP to support vaping in parliament. All they have to do is fill in their details and a letter that is already written will be sent their way.

The challenge

One of our biggest challenges was making sure that we came up with the brand, design, web development build and copy population within a short time frame to make sure we hit the tight deadline. Of course our top priority was making sure that this was completed to an impeccably high standard.

Our team had to deliver a time and cost efficient solution that allowed supporters of the campaign to contact their MP. We were also given the task of integrating an easy to manage and simple to use donation function.

The outcome

After all of our hard work we have been rewarded with a clean, fresh and modern branded website. We used a CMS that is simple to use so that pages, blocks and content can be created and edited with ease in the future. We also incorporated a simple donate function and integrated the site with WriteToThem, which is a function that allows users to find and contact their local MP.

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