The Yards Wellness Event

Wellness events for The Yards

The Yards’ wellness events successfully achieved their objectives, driving community engagement, boosting brand awareness, and increasing occupier engagement. These events have not only become sought-after experiences but have also solidified The Yards’ reputation as a holistic lifestyle destination. The Yards’ commitment to well-being and collaboration with external brands and influencers continues to drive its success in hosting wellness events.



  • Content Creation
  • Influencer
  • Social Media

Our objectives:

  • Accentuate The Yards as a lifestyle hub.
  • Boost community ties and loyalty.
  • Learn from events to optimise planning.
  • Grow footfall and brand visibility.
  • Forge brand partnerships.

Our results:

  • Events fully booked.
  • Attendees want more frequent events.
  • Positive venue and event feedback.
  • Rise in restaurant bookings post-events.
  • Enhanced collaboration and LinkedIn promotion.
  • Sponsor interest for future events.

Event 1

The ‘Stress Release Mini Retreat’ at The Yards, aligned with National Stress Awareness Month, combined rooftop yoga with strategic partnerships, including Lululemon. A targeted promotional campaign, amplified by a social media giveaway, significantly boosted engagement.


Key Outcomes:

A 120% increase in The Yards’ social media impressions and a 119% increase in engagements.

The pre-event giveaway became The Yards’ most engaging April post, with 370 engagements and reaching 1,539 accounts.

Event 2

The ‘Self-care Mini Retreat’ at The Yards, tied to International Self Care Day, featured tranquil rooftop self-care sessions and partnerships with wellness brands like Lululemon. Attendees generated content via branded journals, and discounts at local restaurants boosted area exploration.


Key Outcomes:

An organic Reel hit 4,900 impressions and 71 engagements.

A 73% increase in The Yards’ social impressions over the event fortnight.