Neat is a Fintech startup that serves as a modern alternative to a bank, geared towards small businesses.

Neat breaks down barriers to international markets by providing a range of financial services tailored to the needs of small businesses without bureaucratic demands — an issue felt particularly hard in Neat’s home market of Hong Kong. Described as “by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs”, Neat is unique in its offering as a service targeted at both local entrepreneurs and those outside of Hong Kong who wish to enjoy the benefits of having a legally registered business abroad.

The brief

A recent round of investment has set Neat on a growth footing. Given the renewed focus on entering new markets and aggressive client acquisition, Neat needed a website that informed potential customers as well as frictionlessly sifting site users into predefined user groups. They were also looking to inform and support ongoing marketing efforts that were conceived to match users with the right Neat service.

Make were thrilled to be engaged by Neat to build out an entire customer journey from awareness to conversion and beyond. The brief included creating video content, search marketing, social media content, and a new website.

The Challenge

The main challenge was to reposition the online view of the brand to better suit the audiences they serve, which are start-ups and scale-ups based in the UK and Hong Kong.

The site also needed to include information and style-rich landing pages, geared to convert and drive new account sign-ups.


Neat is a tech-first service, facilitating the need for a digital strategy. After analysing previous results on the platform, we agreed on implementing Google and Facebook as the main lead generators. From here, we were able to determine KPIs.

Initially, we looked to click through to the sign-up page. Then, after a Neat dashboard update, we were able to shift focus to actual conversions from website registrations and final form submissions. 

Our team designed and delivered a multi-tiered digital marketing campaign to promote all areas of the Neat business using a range of digital advertising techniques across primary channels, Google and Facebook, while also leveraging Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Search and Google Display. 

Our strategy derived from a large data analysis that allowed us to determine the best locations to run advertising based on proposition, segmentation and targeting. The campaign spans multiple global locations and a number of different languages including simplified Chinese, French and English.

It required the management of ample advertising budgets to deliver the results required (ROI), which we then showcased through custom-built Google Data Studio dashboards and reporting methods.

The Results

We worked closely with Neat's internal marketing teams to plan the design from a customer-first perspective. Our team also worked with their internal UX and product teams to plan the design and website UX to mirror the functions of the app and suit the defined brand guidelines

Our designers started with a mobile-first approach as we determined that the audience they are hitting are business owners with high mobile users.

We created Neat a fresh and modern website that fits the exciting Fintech space it operates within. The website was also designed to align with our supporting digital marketing campaign, which was conversion-centric.

The site now reflects the modern, exciting and forward-thinking style of the business. It positions Neat as a high rising challenger in this space.

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