Mollie’s By Soho House

How We Achieved a 10x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for Mollie's by Soho House

The Challenge


  • Paid Search
  • Paid Social
  • Performance Marketing

What we did?

Mollie’s has a wide potential audience, from families, to couples, to solo travellers. With a test budget, we wanted to enter the market with messaging and creative that leveraged Mollie’s USP of budget friendly luxury, without alienating any personas.

From a prospecting perspective, we targeted those in-market for ‘staycations’ and people travelling via Bristol/Oxford. We also utilised first party data to create lookalikes of existing customers. 

We decided to prioritise driving the right people through to conversion, ensuring we focused on those who were the most likely to be repeat customers.

To do this we looked to educate those currently unaware of Mollie’s about the brand, with more informative ads that fully explained their offering. 

Simultaneously, we nudged those already familiar with Mollie’s to book, with shorter, snappier ads designed at converting those who were already aware of the brand into customers.

We used Responsive Search Ads on Google to target those in-market, as well as running creative tests across FB/IG and Google’s Performance Max campaign type. We tested different ad formats, messaging and creative to feed in to our longer term creative strategy.

The Results: 

Our main KPI was to achieve a ROAS of 4x, which would prove more cost effective than the booking sites which were driving most of their bookings. 

In our first month of running the paid activity, we exceeded our incremental revenue target, reaching over 2 million people and resulting in +1,000 new customers. 

Despite the majority of the spend going towards top of the funnel awareness campaigns, we ended the month with a ROAS of 10x. This was 150% higher than the initial ROAS target, and the figure has continued to increase MoM.

Make consistently collaborates with Mollie’s Motel & Diner, playing a pivotal role in attracting both new and returning customers each month. Our strategy encompasses a blend of paid advertising, influencer partnerships, and social media marketing services. To learn how we can grow your hospitality brand get in touch with a member of our team.