The Milton-Lloyd brand is based upon offering exceptional, luxury fragrances at affordable prices.

Produced right here in the U.K., by world-leading perfumers, Milton-Lloyd places its focus on what’s inside the bottle; investing in the finest perfume oils to create fragrances loved by its customers. By keeping its packaging and advertising budgets competitive, their brand has proved to be successful through being accessible to a wider audience.

Milton-Lloyd was established in 1975 and has grown using customer endorsement as a main promoter of its products. We were therefore excited when the brand engaged with Make, presenting us with the objective of giving their digital strategy an overhaul, in order to generate more revenue. We rose to the challenge of demonstrating how marketing can be cost-effective and deliver an excellent return on their investment,

The brief

Our Approach

The approach of Make was multi-faceted and multi-staged:

Step 1 - Research

With 10 years of e-commerce data at our hands to evaluate, we were able to define Milton-Lloyds’s evolving audience and their buying behaviours.

Step 2 – Plan

In order to meet the objectives of growing the reach of the brand, we needed to give their marketing strategies a fresh look; updating it to speak to a wider audience. However, this needed to be implemented with care, so as not to alienate their core base of current, loyal customers.

Step 3 – Brand Refresh

The current branding style was given a makeover. The website was modernised to generate more engagement and banners across the site were updated with the new branding.

An entire new brand identity was created for Colour-Me; a sub-brand of Milton Lloyd.

Step 4 – New Content

We worked with our partner photographer, Graham Pearson, to curate a new range of photo shoots, as well as creating new video and animated content; all to be used to excite and inspire our new target audiences.

Step 5 – Delivering the Campaigns

New campaigns were rolled out across a variety of communication channels:

The technical bit

The performance of Milton-Lloyds’s Amazon account needed to be improved. To do this, we recategorized and reimported the entire product category. This ensured that all the information was organised within correct hierarchy, and all content was falling under the Milton-Lloyd brand identity,

Next, a range of Amazon advertising techniques were implemented across key product lines and new Amazon A+ pages were designed and built for major brands with the highest digital footfall.

We also addressed Milton-Lloyds’s own website optimisation by reconfiguring and relabelling titles, tags and images within the site to improve SEO exposure and Google rankings.

The results

We saw great success with these new digital marketing initiatives, comprehensively achieving the objectives set in our brief. The reach of the Milton-Lloyd brand has widened deeply and revenues have grown exponentially across the board.

Huge success was seen in the PPC advertising campaigns with it becoming the brand’s biggest revenue driver.

The redesigned email marketing campaign is delivering higher monthly returns and the followings and engagements across the social media platforms of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have increased considerably.

The Amazon account saw enormous growth following the recategorization and new marketing strategies rolled out, even leading their hero product (No0 Victor) to become the highest rated men’s fragrance and best overall selling fragrance on Amazon, overtaking the likes of Vera Wang and Jean Paul Gaultier.

What's next

We helped to launch the Milton-Lloyd brand into new markets, including the USA and have also assisted in building creative materials for the UAE market; all with the aim of continued growth of the brand and its audience reach.

We have built in an air-tight measurement matrix that allows us to work closely with internal finance teams to justify and grow marketing expenditure to achieve the best return on investment.

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