Klarity comprises a unique set of cloud-management tools designed to streamline automation and spending across accounts and level-up on security in ways you hadn’t thought of.

We were thrilled to be working even more closely with Nordcloud, an IBM company - this time in connection with their tool for cloud management, after being approached by them with hopes of imagining a brand identity and visual style for a new, standalone website. Klarity enables business owners to have full control over their cloud estates and efficiently manage stakeholders through real-time data, automated processes, and advanced security.

The Brief

As the main tool for generating leads, the website is the crux of the business - meaning a slick, customer-facing website was crucial. Klarity offers a unique, game-changing digital product and therefore was in need of a website and overall brand image that reflected that. The business also needed to generate income fairly quickly, meaning we were tasked with developing a website that would make this as seamless as possible. 

The Challenge

As ever, it’s tough to break through and be seen in a saturated marketplace. Our main challenge was designing a website and elevating a product that stood out from the digital crowd. Klarity was born from the success of working alongside other Nordcloud services, but it now needed to stand alone as an independent product in its own right. For this to work, the business needed to look, feel and sound the part.

The Process

Working alongside the newly-formed digital marketing team at Klarity to envision a fresh brand identity and looking to market-leading SaaS companies for inspiration, we collectively agreed that illustration and animation should play a big part if we were to stand out from the competition. 

Our in-house illustration and animation teams collaborated to come up with a series of digital illustrations to sit at the heart of the Klarity brand. The illustrations took the form of a playful, sketch-like style, using a mainly black and white colour palette with splashes of brand colours to accentuate certain services. Animations were used consistently across the site, videos and digital ads to encourage online traffic. 

We made sure the website was super easy to navigate, with key sections for 'How it works' and 'Who is it for' - making it accessible and simple to understand the product with just a few clicks. We also built an extensive pricing calculator that allows customers to itemise a cost based on their actual cloud consumption. This tool has proved invaluable and the main lead-generator as it personalises the customer’s experience on the site before providing a unique quote.

The Results

The new look has been positively accepted and embraced by the Nordcloud and wider IBM team. In the time that the re-launched business has been in operation (over 18 months), Klarity has really taken off and grown in various international markets, ranking well in SERPs. The website is the centre of all marketing activity and, as a result, drives brand awareness and generates new enquiries. Its charismatic visual style has been well received by customers. 

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