Envision Virgin Racing Formula is one of the founding Formula-E members and they're on the rise both domestically and internationally.

With their team becoming hugely popular across the globe, they wanted a digital brand platform to capitalise on this success. Envision Virgin Racing's ambition is to ‘Race Against Climate Change’ and Make were given the challenge of defining how a team can engage with fans through the creation of a new digital platform.

The brief

Since the original launch of the first Envision Virgin Racing website in 2017, the sport and team have grown significantly and, throughout our on-going partnership, we have collectively reviewed the site's traffic data, user-flows and content. It became apparent that whilst version 1 of the site was successful for news and press releases, it didn't provide the growing fanbase with the media rich content they desire.

Make were proud to be awarded the contract of the new 2020 build. This would be a new fan-first, content rich website for not only Envision Virgin Racing fans but all Formula E fanatics.

The approach

We approached the website with a "fan first" strategy; the consumption of content was vital and findings were learnt throughout phase one. Our fan experience strategy was designed and built around the content consumption patterns of leading sport fan sites.

In order to break the mould of traditional websites within Formula-E, we had to completely rework the content architecture and content taxonomy.

We started the process by:



The challenge

Envision Virgin Racing is a fast-growing and popular sports team that constantly evolves. We needed to work closely with the Head of Marketing to determine the best taxonomy and content architecture for their fans.

Using their internal research combined with our findings on how sports fans are consuming content, we provided important UX insight & solutions.

We needed to streamline the fan journeys across the platform, helping fans and visitors access breaking stories and follow as they develop.

Time was also of the essence in order to hit internal strategy goals.


The technical bit

WordPress was selected as the technology best suited to deliver a fan-centric website with a media-rich experience.

We needed a platform that was not only seamless at categorising fan content, scheduling press-releases and team announcements, but also a platform that allowed us to achieve all commercial goals in the form of advertising and promoted content.

On-going evolution, maintenance and support is also key and as part our on-going agreement, Make acts as Envision Virgin Racing's technical team, making the infrastructure support seamless.


The new fan-centric website went live on time, on budget and has delivered substantial value to Envision Virgin Racing.

Design - we delivered an industry-leading design that reflects Envision Virgin Racing's personality and climate vision. The website is a media rich, feature-filled experience with content lead by video in all key areas.

UX - we delivered a fan-centric platform that breaks the mould of traditional cluttered Formula-E websites.

FanZone - we created the ability to access premium gated content which allows the Envision Virgin Racing to engage with their growing fan base like never before.

Server - we configured and maintain a dedicated cloud server with scaling capability to ensure stability during traffic surges expected throughout the season.

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