Make are proud to have launched a new website for international law firm, Clyde & Co.

The site represents the global graduate recruitment arm of the business and houses a breadth of information about the various stages involved with applying, on-boarding and training to become a Clyde & Co-accredited lawyer.

The website was built using Craft CMS and contains 50+ pages of information across market and international locations.

The brief

Our job was to revise the ‘look and feel’ of the company’s existing graduate website and apply a more granular and focused approach to understanding the incumbent website traffic, users and requirements.

We then used this insight to map out a new website user experience that would provide graduates with all of the information they need to become a Clyde & Co graduate , as well as encourage them to take that next step and apply.

The site would also act as a reference point for those who’d already applied to become a graduate, but required that little bit more information and reassurance around the on-boarding and training process.

Finally, it was crucial the new site worked across all digital devices, particularly on mobile, as Clyde & Co’s primary audience is the Gen-Z generation.

Key challenges

The new site had to house a lot more information than the existing site. This meant we had to create an experience and flow that worked for all audiences and provided them with the right details at the right time. We identified the priority content and the pages that were attracting the most attention and used our findings to map out a series of content and wire-framed page layouts.

There was also a fine balance between creativity and traditional corporate identity too. Clyde & Co are a global corporate business, who are looking to appeal to a younger, more dynamic Gen-Z audience. We needed to create a site that would showcase Clyde and Co’s modern and open approach to inclusion and diversity and other progressive hiring policies and retain elements of their brand identity.

The site needed to be both engaging and exciting while showcasing the fact that the graduate opportunities at Clyde & Co are highly-challenging, yet rewarding. We worked on a number of visual styles and page animations to deliver a creative outcome that worked well right across the board.


The outcome is a well-presented and information-rich website. The site houses key information and provides the end user with all of the details they need to apply for their dream role at Clyde & Co.

What’s more, the site is fast, slick and reliable and uses a modern CMS that’s positioned Clyde & Co front and centre of its sector.

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