The British Guild of Tourist Guides is the national professional association for Blue Badge Tourist Guides working in London and throughout the British Isles. It represents around 1,800 guides.

The Guild required a website overhaul to bring their existing site firmly into the 21st century and reaffirm their position as London’s number one tour guide operator. Their existing site had countless users and vast amounts of data, which made searching the site incredibly slow, as well as being difficult to navigate around; it had also been built long before mobile optimisation and had no SEO profile.

We delivered a revitalised digital presence by creating a new, modern user-friendly website, that’s SEO indexed and quick and easy for members and customers to use.

Research and strategy

One of our main aims was to create a website that existing and new users would find intuitive and straightforward to use. We therefore:

Based on our research, we then set to work on designing a website wireframe that made the customer journey quick, easy and convenient.

The technical bit

We created a bespoke fully responsive WordPress theme and a series of custom tools that enabled us to carry out a thorough data migration and in-depth data cleanse. The site allows guides to easily manage their own profile and availability, that prospective guide seekers can then use to directly enquire about booking a tour.

Guide seekers are able to find a guide via an increased range of useful filters, more easily and much more quickly, due to optimisations to the search query that was previously slow and inefficient. Important, useful and easy to use administration tools were developed to allow the guild to manage their members in an efficient manner, critical features that can often be overlooked or considered secondary when building a website.


The new website is a significant improvement on the old website.

Not only is the new streamlined site easy for members and customers to use, all of the Guild’s data is now in an accessible format. Members can also confirm bookings and make diary updates easily on the move.

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