Why the rebrand?

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Just under five years ago, my co-founder Anthony and myself decided to leave the big marketing agency life behind and setup alone.

Our concept was quite simple, we wanted to create mobile-first digital products that were creatively led. I would bring the creative & technical skills, Anthony would bring the marketing & strategic skills, along with  the commercial skills we both learnt from our previous agency, we stood in good stead.

We were to build a young, creative and handmade feel throughout everything we did. This explains the previous handwritten logo, along with the name “Make” and whilst the name remains within our ethos, it’s fair to say we had outgrown the casual, handwritten script.

Our brand since 2013.

From working with start-ups & micro businesses in early 2013, our client base now shows-off international organisations and household names, Virgin, Lloyds Pharmacy and Racing Post (to name a few), something we’re very proud of. We’re also still working with some of our very first clients from 2013 and it’s great that they’ve grown alongside us. Something we’re also proud of.

But Make had matured, our client-base had grown and most importantly of all, our logo didn’t tell our story anymore. It was time to evolve.

The process and evolution:

We initially sat down, now as a team of 10 creatives and asked a series of questions:

  • Who do we want to work for?
  • Who do we want to work for us?
  • What sort of work do we want to do?
  • How can we to do things differently?

Our “ideas wall” in the studio gave us the opportunity to experiment over a period of around 8 weeks until we came to a decision. A tech led, simple brand with a sprinkle of our personality and heritage. We were keen to keep our rotated “e”.

We also introduced a new typeface, colour pallet and strapline to complement our new logo and evolve our whole brand.

Work in progresss… it’s all about the kerning.

Our branding process wasn’t just about the visual either, it was about re-defining who we were, our ethos and our brand purpose.

  • Fresh, energetic, creativity
  • Digital at the heart of everything we do
  • Focussed
  • Handmade in London

Any of our clients will tell you that we pride ourselves on pushing boundaries, bringing fresh ideas to the table and most importantly, never waiting to be simply told what to do.

The reveal:



After running several polls across our social platforms, we have so far received positive feedback from far and wide, but most importantly, we’re confident our new brand positions us in a great place for continued growth.

If your organisation is at a time of transition and you would like an informal conversation or meeting, please contact us and we would love to discuss.