Creative / 20th Feb, 2015

Traditional Crafts meet Digital Design

Traditional craftsmen have a knack for creating objects of desire – and they are making the most of the Authentic culture of design that’s been emerging for the past few years. Combining Traditional Crafts with Digital design creates beautifully complex campaigns for brands that will make them stand out from the crowd…

Here’s a few of our favourite digital campaigns utilising modernised traditional crafts…

Yulia Brodskaya

If you’ve ever been to London’s West-Field shopping centre, read the Guardian Newspaper, seen a Hitachi Ad (Or more accurately, owned a pair of eyeballs) then you’ve probably come across one of Brodskaya’s killer paper illustrations.

What’s interesting about Brodskaya’s M-O, is her ability to take a seemingly frumpy craft (Quilling, a favourite of scrap-bookers and cat-bloggers worldwide) and modernise it with bright colours, fluid designs – and a lot of patience.

Helen Friel

Friel graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2009 with a BA in Graphic Design – choosing to put her knowledge to use by creating incredible 3D sculptures, arranged and photographed to produce her out-of-this-world ad campaigns.

Friel’s worked with Selfridges, Vanity Fair, Ascot, the Savoy Hotel, Ryanair and more, and even offers workshops to show you how to make your own paper models here.


Another Ascot advertiser has just unveiled their new campaign for the horse-race-come-social-event. Advertising Agency Antidote unveiled their embroidered Ascot designs this week, perfectly modernising tradition, a nod to the historic races themselves.

Siang Ching

There’s always a debate over whether Info graphics are essential, or if they’re over used. In the case of Siang Ching – the former is true. The Singaporean paper engineer is known for her interactive info graphics, crafted out of paper and framed as art.

Like them or love them, there’s no questioning that if there is a right way to do info graphics – this is it!

Jeff Nishinaka

Another paper engineer who specialises in creating full images of street scenes and cityscapes. Having worked for Bloomingdales, Lafayette, Credit Suisse, le Bon Marche and more, Nishinaka is somewhat of a Magician when it comes to paper manipulation.

Some of our favourite work by Nishinaka’s are the incredibly ambitious Dragon sculptures he made for his best bud – Jackie Chan. (How much more awesome can this guy get!)