Top three tips for getting better results from your website marketing

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As a forward-thinking agency, it’s only natural that we should have our fingers on the pulse when it comes to anticipating and predicting the latest up-and-coming industry trends and developments.

And it’s this passion for staying ahead of the curve that enables us to help businesses achieve maximum exposure and clear results and get the best return on investment from their website marketing campaigns.

Want to analyse your website traffic more effectively? Gain a better insight into your online visitors so that you can convert them into leads? Or perhaps you want to improve your social media presence? Here are our top three tips for getting more from your online activity:

TIP 1: Get Google Tag Manager

The beauty of this tool is that it enables you to manage a variety of website scripts that are being used on your site, meaning you can utilise Google Analytics much more effectively and quicker than ever before.

What’s more, you can also create triggers for particular scripts or actions, track your PDF downloads, form submissions and other online statistics much more easily – in fact, last year alone more than 92% of businesses that tried Google Tag Manager stuck with it and increased their profits as a direct result.

TIP 2: Track your online activity in even more detail

The job of an e-commerce business professional can involve wearing multiple hats. There are often late nights, missed meals and a pile of data that can appear somewhat indecipherable at times.

Want an accurate insight into what’s being purchased on your site? Or find out how your customers are using your different online features?

E-commerce tracking applications enable you to gain more knowledge about your potential customers and convert a higher proportion of them into leads by providing you with more of a detailed insight into their online behaviour.

TIP 3: Make your website ‘social proof’

We can’t stress to you enough just how important social media is for businesses when it comes to raising brand awareness on a widespread scale. According to marketing automation platform, HubSpot, 92% of marketers in 2014 claimed that social media marketing was important for their business, with 80% indicating that their efforts increased traffic to their websites.

Given that fact, it’s hardly surprising that the availability of social media plugins for websites have soared in the last two years alone and is continuing to rise at a rapid rate.

Social plugins are a quick and easy way to extend your reach and engage your website visitors with social interaction. For instance, the latest round of plugins that were developed for Facebook enable customers to provide social proof by posting their feedback directly on the seller’s website in the same way as Google Reviews.

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