TikTok copies BeReal

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It’s safe to say, the competition is heating up within social channels.

First Instagram came for TikTok with their full-screen video layout and now TikTok has just introduced a new feature that mirrors BeReal’s whole app with their new ‘TikTok Now’ feature.

So what does the ‘TikTok Now’ feature actually entail? Well, users will be encouraged to share a 10-second video or static photo within a set time period in order to see the same content from others. When you go to post a ‘TikTok Now’ the picture is taken using the front and back camera at the same time, with a 3-minute countdown…sound familiar?

However, we can’t give TikTok too much shade, as when you think about it this is a very strategic approach. BeReal’s success has been no secret since their launch in 2020. With reportedly 73.5 million monthly active users and 20 million accessing the app daily, this is proof that the app concept is widely loved by users and will continue to grow in popularity.

BeReal also launched its app with a strict no-advertisement ethos, in order for users to be able to share their raw and real content, without being targeted by ads. But has this let them down? TikTok has pinched its widely loved idea and will offer it to brands, allowing them to advertise in this dynamic way.

There have been a few brands that have jumped on the BeReal train, like Chipotle, but how many will we now see using this same technique on TikTok? We think it will be an excellent opportunity for brands to show a more real side to their audience, as this will enable them to deliver more behind-the-scenes and human content (which TikTok’s main audience, Gen Z, especially love) and give them the chance to explore a more unique way of connecting with their audience.

This could also be a new and exciting way for influencers to engage with their following, posting less put-together content, and showing their fans what a real, unedited moment in their life looks like, which means we could be about to witness influencer marketing take a whole new approach.

But with every new social feature, there is always the question of whether or not it will actually catch on. We look forward to seeing how TikTok commercialises this format, as well as which brands will jump on this first.

So…how long do we think it’ll be before we see Twitter introduce this feature too?

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Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash