100 Million Users in Under a Week

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Last week was a big week in social media land, with a new contender emerging to challenge Twitter for its text-based throne.

Threads, the social app launched by Meta, has shot to approximately 100 million active users within its first week—not too shabby when you compare it to Twitter’s current user base of around 450 million. The rise of Threads has Twitter quaking, especially since they’ve been experiencing a decline in popularity long before Elon Musk’s involvement, plus then the damage Musk caused once he did get his hands on it.

Threads off to a strong start
Threads has not only received a huge amount of positive hype since its launch, but has the influx of users to match, capturing the attention of social media users worldwide. The platform’s ability to seamlessly integrate with existing Instagram accounts, sparing users the daunting task of building a following from scratch, has proven to be a winning strategy. Threads’ popularity is a clear sign that it appeals not only to dissatisfied Twitter users seeking an alternative but also to those who never really understood what the big deal was around the existing microblogging giant.

Zuckerberg jumps at the opportunity
While Twitter has long been at the top of the food chain when it comes to text-based social media platforms, its decline began before Elon Musk’s involvement and has only worsened since his takeover. The overall opinion of Twitter has been gradually diminishing, with users expressing concerns about brand safety, the platform’s ability to curb misinformation, and the perceived lack of innovative features. Musk’s involvement has further exacerbated these challenges, resulting in a continued erosion of public sentiment towards Twitter, *enter Zuckerberg.*

Worried that your content strategy is now hanging by a thread? Do not worry.
For brands seeking an early advantage, Threads presents a promising opportunity. Establishing a presence on Threads by claiming their brand handle, which mirrors their Instagram handle, is a strategic move that extends reach and allows for seamless cross-platform engagement. Brands already implementing successful content strategies on Twitter can easily adapt their approach to Threads, leveraging the platform’s text-based nature to deliver witty, engaging, and relatable content.

One of the significant advantages of Threads over Twitter is its potential to offer a more brand-safe environment. With increased control over content and improved moderation tools, Threads has the ability to protect brands from the pitfalls associated with ad placements in contentious contexts. This heightened brand safety, coupled with the rapid user growth, positions Threads as an enticing prospect for advertisers looking to maximise reach without compromising reputation.

Looking Ahead…
As Threads continues to gain traction and attract an ever-expanding user base, it poses a real threat to Twitter’s market dominance. With its intuitive integration with Instagram and the promise of a safer environment, Threads has tapped into the collective dissatisfaction surrounding Twitter’s decline. However, the future remains uncertain, and whether Threads can sustain its momentum and entice users to abandon Twitter entirely is yet to be seen. The social media landscape is in flux, and brands must carefully navigate these changes to remain connected with their target audience.

With approximately 100 million active users achieved in under a week, Threads has unquestionably made a resounding entrance into the social media arena. Twitter’s woes extend far beyond Elon Musk’s involvement, and the rise of Threads has only underscored the platform’s struggles. Brands should consider embracing Threads as a promising alternative, utilising its unique features to forge meaningful connections with users. As the battle for social media supremacy intensifies, it is crucial for brands to adapt, innovate, and align with platforms that align with their values and provide an avenue for growth.