Make present at the University of Oxford

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Founders of Make, Anthony Purkiss and Tom Witcherley talk future of website design.

Today the founders of Make were invited to University of Oxford’s Exeter College to give a talk on the future of website design and how to grow relevant marketing reach.

The talk was in association with our client The Guild of Registered Tour Guides, a membership association who hugely valued Make’s input and experience. The Guild of Registered Tour Guides is one of Make’s longest standing clients who we first built a large scale website for back in 2014 and who we provide monthly digital services to. Make are currently in the process of revamping and reengineering the Guild’s website to better suit the nature of the system users. Today was not only an opportunity to share our insight but also an opportunity to absorb first hand feedback from the day to day users of the website, something we take very seriously when evolving client projects.

Make’s presentation was all about the importance of ‘design thinking’ when planning the perfect website for commercial success. Make’s talk was held in Exeter College and saw over 100 delegates attending, making it the most over-subscribed talk of the day. Make are proud to say that we received a lot of positive feedback from the knowledge we shared and that we’re happy we could share some of our insight to an audience who appreciate it.

If you’re looking for speakers, or input from Make, at your next event please feel free to get in touch with us here.