Make Agency & The Ben Kinsella Trust Collab 2020


The world is certainly a little bit confusing at the moment. It can be difficult to know what to do and who to help. We wanted to support the place that has allowed us to flourish: London.

That’s why we’re proud to announce our partnership with The Ben Kinsella Trust, a local Islington based charity focussed on educating to minimise the impact of knife crime in London and beyond.

The charity was set up following the tragic murder of Ben Kinsella back in 2008. The Trust exists to campaign against knife crime and to educate young people about on dangers through early intervention and educational prevention methods. From knife crime prevention workshops to extensive personal development programs, the Trust helps people make positive choices to stay safe and be aware.

We’re helping the charity increase their digital presence with a new website and by providing branding support across their busy 2020 calendar of events.

We will also be involved in a number of exiting fundraising events including a half marathon race that 6 members of the Make team have already committed to! 👀

We’re very pleased to support a charity that has such a significant issue at its cause.

If you would like donate to the charity, you can so here: benkinsella.org.uk

If you’d like to support the charity or would like to get involved in some form of fundraiser then please feel free to email and we will hook you up with the right people involved at the Trust hi@makeagency.co.uk

Our entire team are extremely excited to embark on such a valuable and poignant charity partnership and hope you’re able to support us on our charity collaboration in 2020.

Look out for announcements over the coming months! Watch this space!

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