Key considerations for marketing beautiful products

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From long-standing, highly established brands, such as Fortuny, to world-famous diamond manufacturers, we work with an extensive range of luxury brands.

It’s this experience that has inspired us to write this post about the main marketing considerations associated with selling beautiful products. While more attractive products tend to be easier to sell because of the way they look, it doesn’t mean your marketing efforts should take a back seat. If anything, you should be looking to embrace and refine your marketing activity on an even greater scale.

Believe it or not, while having a beautiful product does give you an immediate advantage to some degree, you still need to rely on marketing principles to generate sustained wider awareness and sales. Here are just some of the principles you should be adhering to at the very least:

Consider your digital presence

These days, regardless of how opulent and stunning your product, one thing still remains the same, being digital-first. Why? Because it’s more than likely where your potential customers are going to find you first, not by reading a glossy magazine advert or watching the TV, but online. Today’s modern customer is more digitally- savvy than ever, so chances are, they’ll find your brand via their website, tablet or smartphone.

Don’t neglect your website

It’s all very well having a website that looks as stylish as your product, but is it current? Does it incorporate the latest web design trends and techniques? Is it responsive? And is it mobile-friendly? Your site needs to keep pace with the rate at which digital marketing is evolving in order to stay relevant and engaging.

As tempting as it may be to treat the creation of your website as a tick box exercise and put it on the backburner once it’s gone live, it’s a valuable marketing tool that requires on-going review and refinement. Get it right and you’ll create a better web experience for your customers because they’ll be able to find and reach you without having to worry about how they’re accessing the internet.

Create compelling content

We appreciate that more beautiful brands tend to be more image-led, as the beauty of the product is what draws customers in. However, regardless of this, you still need to rely on content to explain your offering and, more importantly, why people should choose your product over the competition.

Whether it’s two sentences or two paragraphs, your content counts. Does it align with your target audience’s wants and needs? Is it clear, concise and in the right tone? And does it help guide your customers along their sales journey? These are just some of the most pertinent questions you may want to tackle first.

Create compelling content

Your product’s beautiful, and that’s exactly how it should look in your images, whether they’re on your website, in your latest brochure or advertising campaign. What’s more, the right image can make or break an entire piece of content. Questions you may want to ask yourself include:

  • Are they of the highest quality?
  • Is it clear what they are portraying?
  • Are they memorable rather than generic?
  • Are they being used in the right context?

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but an initial guide on the key principles for marketing beautiful brands. For more information about any of these points, to find out about how we can help you, or to receive a free website critique, call us on 020 3567 0860 or email us at hi@makeagency.co.uk