Is video content the answer to building engagement?

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Is video content the answer to building engagement?

Over the last few weeks, Instagram in particular has announced the changes they are making across the platform and how the shift towards video content is very much starting to taking place.

2020 saw a huge jump towards video content, due to the likes of TikTok, Youtube and Instagram Reels, and this has been growing ever since. With Instagram confirming their favouritism towards video content instead if photos coming in the next few months, brands need to focus more and more time on their content plans, ensuring the content stays fresh, innovative and entertaining.

Capturing the perfect photo and planning the copy to support this has always been important, but as we shift towards a world of video, the need for further planning increases. This planning phase could be identifying the purpose of your videos, planning what you want to say and rehearsing your lines to keep the video smooth or the editing time needed to pull your final video together.

Video is great for a range of different reasons; it’s easy to watch, it’s engaging and it allows us to share lots of detail we may not have been able to include in a static post. Following Instagrams latest announcement, we know users come to the platform to be entertained and learn something new about a brand so could video be the answer everyone was looking for?

Here at Make, we often get asked ‘how do we build engagement?’ or ‘why is my engagement so low?’ Our answer to this has been to increase the amount of video content we are producing for a range of clients’ social channels. The results confirm the push towards video content is fast approaching, both from the user and Instagram.

It’s all in the results:

We have seen over a 50% increase in engagement across video content on Mollie’s Motel’s Instagram when compared to static posts. This is shown across the boost in comment, likes, reach and profile visits! 

The upcoming months are focused on our design teams creating new and engaging video content for Mollies, as well as our expansion onto  Tiktok. Taking the time to research the content followers want to see and how we can express the personality of Mollie’s is an important part of this shift towards video.

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