Is it time for a website redesign?

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Your website undoubtedly took lots of time, effort and energy to build and then launch to the world, not to mention money and resources.

The idea of entertaining a redesign is understandably a worrying one, but read through our 5 simple questions before dismissing this thought…

1. Is your website fully mobile-optimised?

It may sound obvious in 2019, but it’s a serious consideration. ‘Mobile first’ is well and truly here, it’s time to start really thinking about how your users are engaging with your content on smaller devices. This is key.

2. How quickly does your website perform?

Your customers demand rapid loading times and it’s now the norm to browse at lightning speed, you must ensure your website is catering for your users or they will simply head elsewhere.

Let’s look at the stats:

  • 47% of people expect your site to load in less than 2 seconds.
  • 40% will abandon it entirely if it takes longer than 3 seconds.
  • 85% of internet users expect a mobile site to load as fast or faster than on their desktop.

All stats courtesy of Kissmetrics.com

Not only does your slow website impact on your conversion rate, it also affects your Google Search ranking. Google say:

“We’re striving to make the whole web fast”

“Google will reduce the amount of crawlers it sends to your site if your server is slower than two seconds.”

For best practice insight on ramping up your website speed, check out our blog.

3. How’s the bounce rate looking?

As part of your on-going marketing efforts, you should be checking your bounce rate.

A lower bounce rate indicates that your website is performing well and providing its audience with the content they desire.
A higher bounce rate suggests the content and the user experience needs attention. Are you monitoring this?

4. How are you ranking in Google?

As well as lightning loading time and a mobile first website, Google also crawls the internet for relevant keywords and links to and from other sites within your content. Basic SEO setup, such as correct titles, page labelling and descriptions, are vital to achieving Google success.

5. Most importantly, is your website converting?

This is one of the most important questions you can ask yourself, ‘Is my website actually working?’

  • Are website hits converting into leads or sales for your business or organisation?
  • Do you have the correct ‘call to actions’ that encourage your users to engage?
  • Are you using Google Analytics or other tracking tools to dictate where to display key messaging?
  • Are your forms automatically populating a CRM or starting a sales funnel?

These small tasks can hugely increase your website’s performance very quickly and are vital to online success.

If you have any questions about any of the tips above, or are looking for help with your website, we would love to talk to you. Click here and arrange a call with one of our website experts today.