Web / 9th Mar, 2018

How WordPress is about to change

The way content is created and managed in WordPress is changing in a big way.

After over ten years of using the familiar simple content editor, the world’s most popular CMS is shaking things up with the new Gutenberg update.

Available as a plugin before being launched as part of the upcoming WordPress 5.0 overhaul, Gutenberg has generated both positive and negative feedback across the WordPress community.

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What to expect?

Gutenberg aims to provide user-friendly content editing that closely resembles how a page or post will look on the front end of the website. The result for site owners is that they will get a better sense of exactly how their content will look on their website as it’s being created.

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So what are the concerns?

Whenever there’s a major CMS update there will inevitably be concerns about the impact on live websites and plugins, Gutenberg and it’s completely new approach to content creation will certainly have an impact on theme capability and existing website builds.

Maintain your website!

Clients currently benefiting from one of our maintenance plans have no need to worry, you’re in good hands. On launch of WordPress 5.0, you will notice your website is automatically updated and tested as part of your monthly maintenance. For clients without a maintenance plan in place, we would advise that you speak to one of our experts about signing up. Websites and the software behind them are constantly evolving and shouldn’t be neglected.

If your website is old and out of date, unfortunately it’s likely that WordPress 5.0 will be incompatible with your website and therefor leave you behind the rest. Our team are here to help make this transition as smooth as possible so you and your customers can enjoy the latest technologies available.

A bright future

Concerns aside, it’s clear that Gutenberg provides a new vision for what WordPress will become moving forward. The CMS wants to be mentioned in the same breath as others when it comes to ease-of-use, while still maintaining its power as a highly-customisable platform.

To learn more about the Gutenberg update, please contact the team on 020 3567 0860 or hi@makeagency.co.uk.