How to join the TikTok party

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TikTok is having a moment in the sun.

According to TechCrunch, young people are now watching videos on the platform more than previous industry star Youtube. And even a Google exec recently admitted that as many as 40% are choosing the platform over Google products like Search and Maps.

But what seems most striking about their popularity is how quickly it’s happened. Last year they celebrated hitting a billion users on the platform after only 5 years in operation. Facebook took a grand total of 15 years to get to the same place.

Even with this meteoric success, it can be a much-neglected network when it comes to the creation of social media strategies. Many brands with strong offerings on more well-established channels seem unsure how to approach the new kid on the block.

This could be a costly mistake. The platform is way ahead of its competitors when it comes to screen time on the app. Research shows users are spending 25.7 hours monthly on there, a time difference of 9.7 hours when compared to Facebook. The brands not taking advantage on this are missing out on a highly engaged audience.

So where should businesses looking to dip their toe into TikTok start? Here are our top tips.

Don’t be too slick

Polished videos look out of place on TikTok, so let go of the perfectionism and produce something a bit more rough and ready than you might be used to. It will save you budget and fit better with the style and tone of the platform.

TikTok’s own research has also found faster scene changes tend to work best, drawing viewers in early, so don’t try and do it all in one take.

Look at how you use music

The data on how TikTok audiences engage with music is striking. 67% want to see brands featuring trending audio, 68% say trending audio helps them remember a brand and 58% are more likely to share an ad that feature trending audio.

Stay away from slower tracks though, as faster-paced music has been found to boost neuro activity and elevate response levels on the site.

So instead of playing second fiddle to other brands, try playing L$d by Luclover (the top trending track in the last 30 days, according to Tiktok).

Tap into trends but keep it targeted

Staying abreast of which hashtags and video categories are doing well is a good starting point for thinking about what might play well on your feed.

Entertainment is currently the most popular category, with 535 billion hashtags, but pranks, dance and pets all also make the top 10 list.

Just make sure to not look exclusively at what’s trending and consider your specific audience and what they are looking for. The TikTok Trend Discovery tool can help with this.

Consider working with influencers but not just the big names

Recent research found 89% of marketing professional say ROI from influencer marketing is comparable to or better than other marketing channels.

But it’s important to ensure anyone you choose is the right fit for your brand. Select someone who reflects your values and appeals to your target audience, not just the person with the most followers.

And don’t discount the value of working with micro influencers, who can be more flexible, affordable, and engaged than some of the bigger accounts.

Want more guidance on how to grow your brand on Tiktok? At Make we specialise in creating content that thrives on your channels and commands attention. So, get in touch if you need some help.

Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash