George makes his mark on the Football Crest Index

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Here at Make we are always looking for new avenues to push our creative skills.

This month one of the team scored when his design made it into a new football publication that celebrates the history of football crests from 49 of the greatest clubs in the premier league.

Known as The Football Crest Index the publication not only showcases some of the best in football design but also raises money for charity so they can be enjoyed whilst making a difference

Delving into the history and evolution of the clubs design each crest is represented by a designer tasked to produce exclusive artwork that can play a part in this continued history and our Digital Creative, George Trinick, was handpicked to represent his very own team; Crystal Palace.

George executed a unique design that pays homage to the all important rebrand in 1973 when Palaces nickname changed from ‘The Glaziers’ to ‘The Eagles’, introducing the red and blue vertical stripes. His design also features the Palace facade which has been a main element of the crests design since its initial appearance in 1955.

The designs are all featured in the new book as well as available to buy online as A3 prints and a percentage of profits from the print sales will be donated to charities that the Football Crest Index is planning on working with.

You can buy the print here; https://www.strutandfibre.com/p/225/crystal-palace-fc-print-by-george-trinick