Geo-targeting: what it is and why you should be using it

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The internet is a noisy place: with so many voices competing for attention, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. That means your business messages and promotions may not always be reaching their intended audience.

A key ingredient for getting heard by the right people (alongside things like a strong website design and being mobile-ready) is geo-targeting – a way of delivering content to website users based on their geographical locations. Geo-targeting allows you to not only tailor your output to different cultures and social groups, but to time the release of content for maximum impact. It can also be used to learn about your customers’ age, gender and shopping habits, information that can help you build stronger relationships and capture more business leads and sales.

There’s a powerful case for building a strategy around your customers’ locations. A 2014 study by Google found that four out of five people use online searches to find nearby businesses offering the products, services and experiences they want, and 88% of these people search on their smartphones. It’s a trend smart businesses are capitalising on.

When it comes to geo-targeting, there are two core approaches you need to consider:

  • Optimising website content to meet the needs of users in different regions, or even different countries (based on their smartphone location). This could be through the design, the language options, or the way an offer is presented.
  • Making use of social media to inform potential customers who happen to be passing near one of your stores – or in a location where your service could be useful – of what you have on offer at that moment.

Using geo-targeting to connect with customers via their smartphones gives you direct, immediate contact with your audience. It’s also faster than traditional forms of marketing such as newspaper adverts. Plus, you’re reaching the customer at a time when they’re most likely to actually need the information and be ready to make a purchase decision.

You can inform them of waiting times or a discount in-store, or (if you’re at an event, such as a conference or festival) engage with people nearby so that they don’t miss opportunities. If the release of information is planned well, this approach can also give your customers a better quality service. In an age when time seems to be in short supply, relevant, useful information is of real value to consumers.

How MAKE can help

  • We have trained specialists who can optimise your website for geo-targeting, working closely with you to meet your business objectives and sales goals.
  • We can help you manage your social media output via platforms such as Twitter, Facebook LinkedIn and many more to ensure posts are audience focused and generate returns.

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