Why we’re fully tuned into the power of video marketing


After much hearsay and speculation, the true impact of video is now starting to be felt by the marketing world on a major scale, probably far major than originally anticipated.

You only have to Google video marketing, and you’re presented with pages-upon-pages of figures that all pretty much say the same thing – just how much of a powerful force field video marketing has become.

Take these stats from Brainshark, for instance, 74% of all internet traffic will be video next year (yes, that’s right, next year!) and video in email can increase click-through rates by two, or even, three times.

While figures from HubSpot have revealed that 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others. And shoppers who view videos are 1.81 times more likely to purchase than non-viewers.

There’s no mistaking the fact that video marketing is fast becoming the ‘go to’ content marketing tool

The benefits of using video marketing are extensive and include:

  • Improved SEO – according to Comscore, adding a video to your website can increase the chance of a front page Google result by 53 times
  • Increased engagement – audiences are ten times more likely to engage, embed, share and comment on video content than blogs or other social posts (Content Marketing Institute)
  • Higher retention rates – 65% of viewers watch more than three-quarters of a video (Brainshark)

As a leading creative agency, we’re helping businesses reap the benefits of video marketing by launching a dedicated video marketing service

Video marketing can be perceived by some businesses as being a somewhat costly and daunting investment, which is why we provide you with help and support every step of the way. From storyboarding, sourcing actors and shooting, to video animating, animated content and visual effects, we provide the full suite of video marketing services to ensure you get the best possible results.

We also supply our videos in an wide range of formats, which means you can be sure to receive the format you need, we’ll also ensure it’s well seeded for your future marketing campaigns.

Got any questions or want to find out more about how you can maximise the impact of your content with video marketing? Make contact with us today by calling 020 3567 0860 or emailing hi@makeagency.co.uk.