How We Boosted Engagement by 119% for Knight Frank & CBRE

Creative | Marketing

Embarking on an inspiring challenge in Covent Garden’s lively epicenter, our team was tasked with the ambitious goal to design, orchestrate, and bring to life a sequence of wellness events at The Yards. Our aim was to create a magnetic pull, uniting the local community and amplifying engagement for our esteemed clients, Knight Frank & CBRE, in a way that truly reflected the dynamic spirit of the locale.

Strategising for Success

Our journey began with a clear vision: to craft events that would resonate with the ethos of The Yards and meet the high expectations of Knight Frank & CBRE. Here’s how we approached the project:

  • Timing is Everything: We pinpointed key dates such as National Stress Awareness Month and International Self Care Day to capitalise on built-in public interest.
  • Building the Right Partnerships: By tapping into our network, we curated a host of partnerships with prominent wellness brands and influencers, adding credibility and allure to the events.
  • Designing Immersive Experiences: We meticulously planned each event to offer a unique and engaging experience, from rooftop yoga sessions to interactive content creation opportunities.
  • Executing a Multi-Channel Campaign: Through social media, influencer engagement, and newsletters, we created a buzz around the events, spearheaded by an engaging social media giveaway.

Pitching Our Master Plan

Presenting our strategy to Knight Frank & CBRE, we outlined:

  • The Concept: A series of events aimed at transforming The Yards into a wellspring of wellness and community spirit.
  • The Engagement Plan: We detailed how we’d captivate the audience at every touchpoint, maintaining engagement long after the events concluded.
  • The Operational Details: Our readiness to handle all aspects of the event lifecycle showcased our full-service capabilities.

The Results That Spoke Volumes

The results of our strategic and creative efforts were clear:

  • Skyrocketing Engagement: A remarkable 119% increase in engagements across the board for Knight Frank & CBRE.
  • Elevated Brand Awareness: The Yards enjoyed a surge in social impressions, with a 120% uptick for the Stress Release Mini Retreat.
  • Content as a Lasting Legacy: The professional photography and videography captured not only served as a promotional tool but also brought the events to life for an online audience.

Reflecting on this campaign, it’s evident that our expertise in digital strategy and event planning can lead to tangible results. For Knight Frank & CBRE, the wellness event series at The Yards was more than just a success—it was a transformative initiative that redefined the potential of community-focused events in a retail space.

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